Did your mother ever tell you that monsters didn't exist, or, did she tell you that the Boogie Man would eat you if you were'nt good? So I guess the real question is Do you believe in monsters? Ignacio and his brother, Mateo, were escorting Rose through a trail, when a jogger ran past them, screaming about a monster. Then, they heard a roaring sound coming from down the trail. Ignacio told Mateo and Rose to hide. Then, he cautiously searched the trail. Mateo and Rose were hiding, when the bush next to them came to life. Mateo grabbed a large stick and defended himself as he called for his brother. Ignacio came running down the trail, throwing the monster to the ground. Mateo gave his brother the stick and as the monster got up, he broke the stick on the monster's head. Then, a large mask fell off the monster's face and it was just a boy in a costume. The boy became scared and ran off. Mateo and Rose cautiously rose from the bushes as Ignacio picked up the mask. He still has it to this day. Luckily, for the people of Hood River, the monster was not real. Maybe someday, there will be a real monster.

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